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  It's as easy to mod Kudos 2 as it was the first game. Lots of things can be changed if you don't mind fiddling with text files and spreadsheets. To save yourself any headaches, I recommend that you back up your whole Kudos2 folder before you change anything, or add anything at all.
Detailed Guide to modding new avatars is HERE
Detailed Guide to modding the shop is HERE
Changing Some Key 'Variables'
All of the real juicy stuff is in a text file called data/config.txt. You can see in here all the numbers that control stuff like how often you get robbed, how lonely your pets get and tons more. We do advise you not to change any of the stuff that starts with a '_' and has 'DEGRADE' in it. That might really unbalance the game. (you can always revert back to the original files if you really screw up). Most of the names in here are pretty self explanatory.
Kudos 2 uses a lot of 'scripts', which are just text files which control certain things in the game. For example, every day that you spend at work is just a script. And key events such as getting a job offer are also scripts. You will find all of the scripts in data/simulation/scripts. There are folders for different types of job, with all the different workday events, and also the special scripts for stuff like drunk driving. These are all just text files and you can change them as much as you like.
Another place you will find scripts is in some columns of the spreadsheets that control parts of the game, such as assets.csv.
Scripts can contain the following 'functions'. Each function ends with a ';' and can be on a separate line.
This changes one of the attributes of your character, such as weight or happiness. The name selects the right attribute, the effect is a number from -1.0 to +1.0. the degrade is the amount by which that effect persists the next day, so 1.0 means it lasts forever, 0.5 means it halves in strength each day. Degrade is sometimes replaced by a word such as _WEIGHT_DEGRADE. If it is, then the value of that word in data/config.txt gets used. 'debug' is just some text that tells me what caused that effect. You can't see this in the game, it only shows up in a 'debug' version.
This launches the social activity window and sets it to the named activity
This launches the solo activity window and sets it to the named activity
Plays a different sound depending on the gender of your character.
Plays a file in the games data/sounds folder.
Assets are things you can buy, such as a chess set, pet dog or a car. They are all specified in a single 'csv' file called assets.csv in the data/simulation folder. Although I use Microsoft Excel to open and edit these files, you can use any text or spreadsheet program. Make sure you save them as a csv file though. The columns in the file mean the following:
token,trigger,name,guiname,store,description,texture,sound,resell percentage,purchasecost,dailycost boughtscript,ownedscript,usedscript,flags,token
token has to be '#' or the line gets ignored. this can be used for comments and testing.
is a special word that defines what sort of object in the game it is, see existing assets for examples. This is often left blank (or sim_book for books).
is used internally, in theory its the guiname which doesn't get translated. In practice it is hardly used.
is the name of the object shown to the player.
is used to decide which of the shops the object gets listed for sale in
is shown to the player in the shop description, and the window that shows objects details once bought.
identifies the graphics file used to show the image of the object. It must exist in some folder underneath data/bitmaps
is the 'comma-separated' list of sounds that are used by this object. the sound is played when the object is bought, and in special cases used at other times (such as cat meows).
resell percentage
is the fraction of the purchase cost you get back when you sell the tiem. You can use this to make items lsoe or hold their value more.
is the cost to buy the item, the one-off cost.
is how much you are charged every day to keep the item.
is optionally empty, or it is a script which is run when you buy the item. This can be used to give a one-off feeling of happiness or confidence when buying an item.
is a script which runs every day. You can use this to generate dialy effects (often with an instant degrade of 0, so they need renewing each day). This gives the object a constant effect whilst owned.
defines what happens when you hit the use button for this object once bought.
This can be some of the following: REBUYABLE means you can buy one even though you already have one. STEALABLE means burglars can swipe it. SELLABLE means you can sell it :D SERVICE means it is something that is cancelled (effectively sold) if you cannot pay the daily cost. it also means it gets a 'cancel' button on the details window for the object.
Books have a few extra pieces of data for them. These are the number of pages, then what happens when you click on the icon (normally showdetails) then a list of pre-requisites for understanding the book.
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