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Is there a mac version of the game?
Not yet, but it's in development, Join our mailing list if you would like to know when it is available.
How do you read the magazines?
When you buy a magazine, you always read a few pages of it each evening before you go to sleep. Once you have read the whole magazine, it will disappear from your list of possessions.
How can I avoid being bored by commuting?
Buy an MP3 player to listen to, or get a job nearer to home with a shorter distance to commute.
How can I earn more tips as a waiter/waitress?
make sure you are in the right frame of mind for your job. The job details window shows you what characteristics are important in your job. Showing up grubby, drunk and tired will not lead to decent tips!.
What do I need to earn Kudos for?
In some jobs kudos is vital, such as the decent acting and music jobs, as well as some others. You will also meet people who will not be seen to associate with you if your kudos is low. Some people are so cool, they only associate with people as trendy and hip as they are...
How do the casino game effects work?
It's all about perceived risk. If you earn lots of money, you need to risk lots of money to get a decent thrill, and increase your excitement. Gambling $1 when you are a top-earning lawyer will not alleviate boredom very well.
What is the point of pets?
Each pet has a different effect on you, so choice of pet(s) may depend on what's missing from your life. Dogs are great companions, and cats are very relaxing (as are fish). Dogs can help guard your home too.
Who made this game?
Me! The code is all written by one person. Read about him here. The artwork was done by Chris Hildenbrand and Jamie McKelvie. Jesse Hopkins composed the music. Game design was also by me. I am the definitive bedroom coder. Please buy my games. I need food!
Tell me about DRM and any issues about that...
When you buy the game, you get a link to download a full copy. That's all there is to it. We don't treat our customers like criminals, or make it difficult to play the game. You can install it on your home and your work PC if you like. If you reformat your PC, just re-install the game. No problem! Please buy the game if you like it, and help support customer-friendly indie games companies :D
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