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Starship Tycoon is the totally-rewritten version of our popular space simulation game StarLines INC

Starship Tycoon puts you in charge of an interplanetary shipping company, you compete against AI controlled firms to survive in the cutthroat world of space commerce. Configure and upgrade your starships, hire and fire the crew, smuggle illegal goods, and wage price wars against your competitors.

You can play either in a mission-based or freeform 'sandbox' mode. There is enough gameplay in Starship Tycoon to keep you playing for months, you can run your company any way you like, from keeping the staff happy and well paid right down to running on cheap fuel, smuggling illegal cargoes, and bribing the customs officials.

Click the images above for full size screenshots from the game. If you have played any simulation or management games before (like Sim City/ Rollerocaster Tycoon etc) Then you will feel right at home.

Starship Tycoon has tons of gameplay, but we have squeezed it into just a 6MB demo, you can download the demo quickly, even without broadband

A playable demo of the game is downloadable by clicking the button below. The full version of the game has lots of missions, freeform mode, random maps and lets you save and load the game. You can order the full version online and get access to an immediate download URL. Ordering is 100% secure and handled through BMTMicro. Starship Tycoon only costs $9.99
Free Demo Buy Game