General Advice

Positech Games have made a variety of titles and tech support varies for each one. As a general rule,. technical problems are often the result of video card driver issues, badly written or out-of-date mods, out-of-date versions of the game, and sometimes other computer / malware / virus related issues. To rule all of these out, make sure you test our games with no mods installed or files changed, ensure your video card drivers are up to date, and check your PC has no malware installed using a free tool such as Microsoft Security Essentials

Video Cards

A large number of computer game issues really are the result of outdated or buggy video card drivers. Trust us on this :D And even if getting the latest driver for your card does not fix a specific issue, it will almost certainly boost the performance of the game. Don't' worry, getting drivers updated is free and easy, and can be done by following the instructions written here.

Lost Download Links

If you have lost your email with the game download link in it, do not worry. You may be able to find it by searching your old email for 'BMTMicro' which is the payment company we use. If this does not work, just email us at this address explaining you have lost your download link. It helps us a lot if you can do this from the email address you used to buy the game, and include any other email addresses you may have used if you are unsure. It also helps us if you have your Name and/or address in there to help us locate your order. If you have the link email, but it has expired, please also contact us, and include the original email.

Updating the game

If you bought our game through a third party such as steam, they take care of updates, but if you bought direct from us (through BMTMicro or Fastspring), then you need to get updates from us. Some games auto-update, some do not, but the download links that come with your purchase are always up-to-date. You can simply re-use those links to re-download and re-install the game to ensure it is up to date.

Debug information

Our newer games save all their information on bugs, along with save games inside the windows \my documents\my games folder (on windows). You will find folders in there for Democracy 2, Gratuitous Space Battles, Democracy 3, GTB etc... Inside those folders you will find a 'debug' folder containing logs for the game. If you have a bug and are quite tech savvy, it might be worth looking at those. It also helps us if you email those files to us when reporting a crash that you think is our fault.

Support Forums

Positech is a small company, and we don't have enough time to constantly check our forums for tech support requests, but you will find answers to a lot of popular questions regarding support in them. A lot of issues are related to using mods with our games, and you will find information in our forums on support for them too. The forums for our games can be found here. Please check them out, and feel free to join in, You can log in using twitter,google,facebook, so no need for an account.

About Positech:

Positech games is a small one man games company from the UK, run by cliff 'cliffski' harris. You can try a free demo of all of my games, small enough for a quick download with no fuss. All my games are free of adverts, spyware, unskippable video and other corporate nonsense. You can buy them online direct from me, with no middle man to take a cut. Thanks for supporting the little guy! ...more