Positech Games is a one man company based in the UK (England). It was formed by gaming geek Cliff Harris in 1997 when he was working as an IT support guy. Cliff has been writing and selling games for 16 years now. Cliff does ALL the programming and design for all of his games, which use an engine he coded from scratch He also handles all the tech support and marketing of the games. Yup, Cliff works pretty darned hard. He also has to contend with his highly demanding cats Jadzia and Jack during his working day. (Milo, our second cat was sadly hit by a car and died many years ago) Cliff used to work for a UK company called Elixir, who did Republic and Evil Genius. After that he worked at Lionhead as an AI / Game coder for 'The Movies' When that game finished he left to work for himself fulltime.

At the start of 2006, Cliff worked for Maxis on a 'gameplay prototype' for the 'Sims' franchise, then he started making games just for his own company.Positech Games has been Cliff's full-time job ever since.


All proper programmers have cats. Cat's are low-maintenance pets that you can ignore during debugging difficult problems, and then watch them ignore you when you in the mood for company. Cats also help reduce the stress levels caused by debugging directx in a multi-threaded application. Because of these positive qualities, Positechs office is shared with two cats. jack and jadzia:



Big companies have a bland 'mission statement' which is put together by drunk and bored executives on some team-building trip to Tahiti. We don't have that, but there are a few things we do believe in...


You want to play a game, not watch some adverts right? It goes without saying that my games are free of spy ware. There are NO bundled applications hidden inside my games (and we get a LOT of offers to do that!). We would NEVER sell your personal information. We don't have any product placement or other corporate nonsense in our games. For an insight why, READ THIS


Personally I am a big PC-gamer. I do not even own any consoles. I hate it when supposedly PC-games ask me to press button X, or have a main menu designed purely for a gamepad. I make games for big 1920x1080 or larger monitors and Mouse&Keyboard. I support modding, and code my games to run on a range of screen resolutions and video card capabilities. PC gaming FTW.


In 2015, Positech donated money to build a school in Africa. To be precise, in in the village of Mbalengue in the East Region of Cameroon. The whole school is being funded by us, and we are massively massively proud to be doing so. We blogged about it, and the charity that artranges the school construction on our blog here.


When you buy games from us, we get about 91% of the money. the 9% goes to our credit card payment provider. There is NO MIDDLEMAN. We do not have any RIAA or MPAA or other organisation that is profiting from our work. Obviously a lot of people buy our games through Steam and similar services. that's fine. We understand why some people prefer that. We do get asked which sales channel means we get the most money, and the answer is to buy direct from us.

So what are you waiting for GET BUYING!