The Praetorian Industries Mod

From the author...
"The original Praetorian Industries appeared before the "Gratuitous War" under the administration of an "unnamed" uber rich old scientist, but it was not more than a mid-level research center until the failed defense of his original planet "Caspian IV" a couple dozen years later. The "inaugurator" died that day, but his son, tired of endless war, which was slowly consuming all civilizations, created a long-term plan with the only goal of ending that damned war. Since then Praetorian industries began to grow steadily, more and more fast, reaching a point where it started to become a powerful Weapons-Scientific organization, with 2 huge research stations, 5 weapons and equipment factories and 1 extremely secret and never known super-space station, the hidden command center. When that point was reached, when Praetorian Industries changed to be a faithful partner to a potential threat both economically and politically, the Empire launched a preemptive attack on one of its research stations, no one in the public knew who attacked and destroyed the immense space station in an act of mass murder, except Praetorian industries and the same Empire. An investigation was carried out by the "diligent" Empire and it ended soon after, blame the space pirates."

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