The Ghosts Mod

From the author...
"The first records related to this strange entity were registered around 4000 standard years ago, right after the widely known "Great Cataclysm of the Shallows", when a powerful supernova-sized explosion destroyed 4 colonized star systems and killed around lives. That cataclysm was not caused by a star or any other natural source, it was accidentally caused by nothing less than an incredibly advanced inter-universal traveling system created by the ancient race identified as "Necros". The records about how the first contact was made are very vague and lack of important details about the visitants. However, there are several visual records showing an entire fleet of cruiser sized ships jumping in our universe and causing the powerful shockwaves that also caused the cataclysm. The radiations of the shockwaves didn't helped, but a deeper analysis of the energy signatures showed that every ship was identical, and that nothing less than 117 ships jumped in our universe. The closest ship that suvirved the shockwaves was a Nomad Frigate, the ship suvirved to the radiations thanks to a neutron star that served as shield. When the nomadic frigate reached the origin of the cataclysmic shockwaves found a single ship, waiting..."

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