The Classic Dreadnoughts Mod

From the author...
"My warships are also meant to replace cruisers in quantity as the main strength of a fleet -- these ships are NOT rare "command and control" units with only minor upgrades over cruiser level. You don't have to deploy them that way, but they're definitely ready for the job. Just be prepared for the cost, as buying CDNs in quantity feels something like using a bulldozer to fill up an abandoned well by packing it full of $100 bills. :P Each of these superships can carry at least double the firepower of that race's cruiser which it is inspired by. The Federation Lion is an evolution of the Buffalo cruiser. The Rebel Ragnarok is an evolution of the Valhalla cruiser. The Empire's mighty Senator is clearly based on the Legion, and the Alliance's Anaconda owes much to the Shark, Python and even the Swordfish. Included with Classic Dreadnoughts version 1.00 are two advanced modules designed for their exclusive use"

More details in the forum thread here:

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