Production Line saves all its user documents here:

\my documents\my games\productionline

Thats where you will find savegames and also any debug files in the 'debug' folder. If the game crashes, we will ask you to email those to us at support AT positech dot co dot uk. As issues become reported and known we will post workarounds and notices on this page. The game is developed on Windows 10 64bit, so that should work fine, as should earlier versions of windows. Make sure you have the latest drivers for both your video card and sound card. The minimum supported screen resolution for the game is 1280 width by 768 height. It will not run at resolutions below this!

How to make sure its not a steam problem (if bought through steam)

Find the games .exe file inside steam, using windows explorer. To launch windows explorer you can use Windows key+E. Look for a folder something like this: C:\Program files\steam\steamapps\common\Production Line In whcih you will see ProductionLine.exe Double click that. If the game runs fione there, but not through steam, this is a steam, issue, not an issue with the game. Try reinstalling, restarting or logging in/out of steam.