Doors That Go Like This
Are you tired of making cars that are easy to get into? tired of making cars that look sensible and are driven by ordinary people? The 'Doors that go like this' expansion contains everything you need for a billionaires mid-life crisis. Add Scissor doors, Butterfly Doors and Gull-wing doors to the sedan, sports car and the all new gratuitously expensive supercar body style. Enjoy production of the only car body style that looks good in bright orange! find a way to take money from people with way more money than sense! Join in the global trend for monetizing billionaires insecurities with these totally impractical but somehow strangely desirable super-expensive car models. Remember... you are not truly successful in life unless your car has doors that mean you cannot park it anywhere.
This expansion pack introduces a completely new body style to the game: the ludicrously expensive 'supercar'!
As well as introducing a new car body style, the pack introduces new door types that can be fitted to the sports car, sedan and also the new supercar. The new door options are 'gull wing doors' 'butterfly doors' and 'scissor doors'. These all need to be researched in the design studio before you can use them, and be aware that they require expensive upgrades to the fit door panels slot. These doors are complex and fitting them takes time, so if you want to avoid a major bottleneck in your factory you probably need to use a smart junction and a side-line to fit these door options.
Design Variety Pack
They say how your car looks says a lot about your personality. Do you want something aggressive and fierce, or something quirky and fun? what exactly does it tell us about a persons soul if they have slightly rounded wing mirrors? Such metaphysical conundrums may keep psychologists busy for many millennia, but what we know for sure is that people like variety in the appearance of that expensive metal box that takes them to the shops. Now that variety can be YOURS too! This DLC includes a new design style for each of the car categories in the base game (Sedan, SUV, Compact, Offroad, Pickup, Sports, Van). The new designs have to be researched, but they are purely cosmetic, much like in real life.
Impress and amaze your friends and relatives with the variety of car designs that flow from your factory into the hands of happy (we hope!) customers! Also note that these car designs need to be researched before use in game, but they are otherwise a purely cosmetic change. Customers still treat every SUV (for example) the same way.