Gratuitous Tank Battles is the new PC strategy game, developed by Positech Games, makers of Democracy, Kudos and of course Gratuitous Space Battles. Gratuitous Tank Battles is an RTS/Tower Defense hybrid with online elements and customisable units. The player can take the role of the defender or the attacker in a series of top-down explodey battles. A built-in map editor will allow easy sharing of custom maps and defensive challenges with other GTB players in a similar fashion to GSB's challenge system.

GTB takes place in an alternate reality where the 'central powers' never surrender and the 'great war' continues for two hundred years. Soldiers still fight in the trenches of the Somme, although rifles have (mostly) become laser rifles and giant armored mechs stride across no-mans land. The two great armies continue to fight with patriotic zeal and little memory of who Franz Ferdinand was and what happened to him. One thing is certain: It will all be over by Christmas 2114.


  • Play as attacker or defender on any map.
  • Design your own unique units from a huge range of components.
  • Use Turrets, Tanks, Mechs, Infantry and special command units.
  • Integrated map editor to allow trivial sharing of custom maps.
  • Upload your maps and armies as online challenges for other players
  • It will all be over by Christmas.

Customised Units

GTB has default units, but it's much more fun to design your own. A huge range of different unit 'hulls' can be combined with your choice of weapons, defenses and propulsion to create an army that is as unique as your imagination. Multiple unit layers let you customise the color and look of your units as you see fit.

Online Warfare

Online challenges add a new dimension to this tower defense/RTS/simulation hybrid. Tired of fighting the scripted or adaptive AI? you can browse the online list of player-designed challenges including their unit designs, their deployments and even custom maps, so there is never a shortage of different maps to fight on.

Frantic combat

GTB aims to combine the huge scale of WW1 trench warfare with the explosive power and pyrotechnics of future war. Your troops will fight with laser rifles alongside shotguns, with plasma-cannon firing mechs stomping alongside tracked tanks and mobile artillery. Every weapon from 1914 to 2114 is yours to command. Tally ho!


"Gratuitous Tank Battles is the whole of modern warfare and its sci-fi future. Tanks of all shapes and sizes are pitted against vast, mechanized defences: WWI style meatgrinders of the future through which your army must pass."

"What would the word be like in a hundred years time if the leaders of the major nations in The Great War never called it a day. There would be gratuitous giant robots, of course, tanks, trenches, laser beams and huge flamethrower towers at strategic intervals"

"Gratuitous Tank Battles is set to take the indie world by storm, with tanks being all the rage at the minute, bringing RTS style gameplay back to everyones attention, now the developers behind the brilliant Gratuitous Space Battles are showing us what they have been up to, and it looks good."