The year is 1944 and battle rages across Europe. Since 1914, the forces of Germany have attempted to conquer the western world, and finally the allied armies have taken the battle back to mainland Europe to strike against the enemy. Surely it will all be over soon?

GTB: The Western Front, is an expansion pack for the innovative PC strategy game 'Gratuitous Tank Battles'. Set from 1944 onwards, the new singleplayer campaign gives the player the opportunity to use the 1940s era American army to battle against German forces throughout Europe. Half the battles are set before the introduction of newer weapons such as mechs and lasers and are fought purely with the weapons of the time. The final 4 battles add modern weapons to the mix. Surely you have always wanted to fight against tiger tanks armed with laser guns?


  • 8 new American WW2 tank units
  • 8 new German WW2 tank units
  • 5 new unit components
  • 8 Completely new maps to battle over
  • Completely new singleplayer campaign
  • Some battles restricted to WW2 era weaponary
  • Tiger Tanks with laser guns. Oh yes...