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Technical Support
For Gratuitous Space Battles tech support, click here. This page is for our older games.

The vast majority of our games will work fine on the vast majorty of systems, however if you do have problems, we will do our very best to fix them for you. We respond quickly to our technical support emails. We recommend you email us using the button on the left of the screen, to ensure your mail reaches us.

Game fails to start or crashes immediately
In this case your machine probably failed to initialise our 3D engine. If you are playing Starlines INC, Starship Tycoon or Planetary Defense try these steps:

1) Open the file 'config.muf' inside the 'data' directory in the games installation folder. You can edit this file using windows notepad (it's just a text file).

2) Change the line that says ColorDepth=32 to ColorDepth=16 then save, and try the game again

3) Change the line that says IsWindowed=0 to IsWindowed=1 then save, and try the game again

4) Add a new line to the [prefs] section saying SafeMode=1 then save, and try the game again

If the game still does not run, then you should firstly check you have the latest video card drivers for your machine. Our games only use DirectX7, so you won't need to update your version of DirectX. Here is information on how to update your video card drivers.

Game crashes during gameplay

The most likely cause of this is another application running on your machine. We strongly recommend checking your machine for spyware or viruses. You can get free programs like AdAware or Spybot to check your machine. It's also worth rebooting and checking the game still crashes after a reboot.

Things worth trying:

Right click the icon for the game on your desktop and select 'properties'. you will see that one tab is called 'compatibility'. you can try checking the 'turn off advanced text services' box, or running the game as though it was running under windows 200 or 98. This may fix crash problems.

If the game still crashes, then you might have found a bug in our game. We do our best to ship our games as bug free as we can, but occasionally bugs slip through. We STRONGLY recommend you email us with any information you have on what happened. We might ask for you to send us some debug files from your PC to help us track down the bug. Again, use the email button below.

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