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Frustrated that your voters seem too influenced by corporate donations? Eager to lower the minimum voting age? Perhaps you would like to ban election robo-calls, or maybe go the other direction and make corporate party donations unlimited? All your voting and campaign problems are solved with this DLC!

Only part of winning an election is really about running the country well. Democracy 4 - Voting Systems introduces a whole bunch of new policies that let you decide who can vote, how they vote, and how easy it is for big money to swing an election. This expansion pack includes the following policies:

Compulsory VotingLimit Corporate Donors
Restrict Election AdsMaximum Voting Age
Minimum Voting AgeParty Donation Limits
Phone & Internet VotingElection Robocalls
State Funding of PartiesVoter ID Law
State Voting Campaign

And also with this expansion, you get to choose a single metric to focus your election campaign on (such as the economy, or crime...), and can decide whether to run an honest, optimistic campaign, or risk looking untrustworthy by running a brutal, cynical campaign full of personal attack ads focusing on your opponent.

You can also change your country electoral system from 'first-past-the-post' to proportional representation, or maybe do the opposite! plus a new polling option lets you see the difference between the opinions of the electorate as a whole, and those who are considered 'likely voters'.

Unleash your inner campaign manager, and start playing with the election rules immediately. Otherwise you may have to win an election fairly!
Get a copy direct from us using the humble widget (This is the method that gives the highest percentage of the money to us, the developer.)
Or if you have the base game from one of these stores, you may prefer to get the DLC from them: