What is Shadowhand?
Shadowhand is a digital RPG card game that anyone can enjoy. It is a single player game, which you play as Lady Cornelia Darkmoor, an aristocrat who disguises herself as highwaywoman Shadowhand by night.
Customize your character with a wide selection of clothing, weapons, and special abilities, all of which affect gameplay. The game itself involves strategic card play, both to gather resources on puzzle levels, and to fight AI enemies in turn-based combat.
Do I need to understand collectible card games or deck building?
Shadowhand gameplay is driven by a simple, solitaire-style mechanic. Anyone can get into it, and experience of collectible card games is not required. Cards are numbered, and selecting a card numbered one higher or lower than the one from the draw pile at the bottom of the screen is all that you need to get started.
What platforms is Shadowhand available on?
Shadowhand is a desktop game for PC and Mac computers.
Where can I get Shadowhand?
Shadowhand will be available Autumn 2017 on Steam, Humble Store and GoG, and via the publisher's website.
Who made Shadowhand?
Shadowhand was created by Grey Alien Games, a husband-and-wife indie game development team based in Dorset, UK. It is published by Positech Games.