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"The graphics and visuals in Planetary defense are excellent. Smoke and light effects, transparency, as well as planet designs and even the way the stars and clouds of nebulae scroll by are all excellent."

"Absolutely easy to play and pick up. You'll feel in total control of the game from the moment you start it up. This game is a true arcade game that sports everything an arcade should have in my mind. If you fail it is entirely due to your own inability, not to the computer's impossible difficulty or being unable to move in such a way as to accomplish your goals."

"The graphics and animations are exceptionally well done and add a great amount of depth to gameplay. Explosions are very realistic looking, some of which will leave you in awe of their detail and beauty."

Planetary Defense is an arcade/strategy space game for Windows. Specially designed to be download-friendly, the Games fully functional demo weighs in at just 3MB! Despite its tiny install size, Planetary Defense offers you bags of gameplay, with simple levels defending a small world against streams of rockets, right up to complex levels with multiple moons, defensive shields, evacuating cities and a wide variety of attacking aliens including multiple-warhead scatterpacks, Cloaked cruisers and laser equipped point defence satellites. Planetary Defense is on sale now! Click the images above for screenshots.

Connection Speed: 33k Modem 56k Modem Broadband
Download Time: 13min 12sec 7min 50sec 51 sec

Planetary Defense has 21 action-packed missions for you to play through on 3 difficulty settings. You can also adjust the overall speed of the game if you find it too easy or too hard. Although Planetary Defense starts off simple, things really hot up when you have bases to defend on orbiting moons, a planetary shield to defend, and enemy laser satellites blasting your rockets as they leave the launchpads!
To defend your planets you have 2 types of rocket, a fast rapid-fire missile (right-mouse button) which explodes ahead of your target and uses it shockwave to destroy incoming rockets, but which is also itself destroyed by other rockets blast waves, and a slower 'shielded' missile (left-mouse button) which is not destroyed by other missile shock waves. You will have to pick the right missile for the right job, and you only have a limited supply of each.

The latest version of the game includes flaming meteors that crash into your world (you have to hit them dead-on to destroy them) and radar bases that let the aliens knock out your all-important radar. You also have the option to have shields made by hovering shield-generators, which allow you to accidentally knock out small portions of your own shields if you dont fire carefully...

We have recently added a Post Mortem for this game for those interested in what was involved in programming this title. Click Here to read about how Planetary Defense was made.

Planetary Defense is only $9.95 and is translated into English,French,German,Italian and Spanish. You can purchase the game right now by CLICKING HERE. What are you waiting for? Get downloading!

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