Welcome to Africa
Have you ever wanted to be president or prime-minister? Convinced you could do a better job of running the country? Let's face it, you could hardly do a worse job than our current political leaders.
Take Control of African Politics

Democracy 3: Africa is the new standalone 're-imagining' of the hit political strategy game 'Democracy 3'. Set entirely in countries on the continent of Africa, D3:A puts you in charge of these countries and challenges you to stay in power whilst fixing each country's problems, improving the quality of life for your electorate, and steering them towards greater prosperity.

This turn-based political strategy game uses a unique icon-driven interface to help you navigate the most complex political and economic simulation ever seen in a computer game, custom-built on its own proprietary neural network. Democracy 3: Africa simulates the myriad interactions between voters, policies, economic and political variables, political parties and the various situations that develop over time.

Democracy 3: Africa uses the base design and gameplay from the original game but the diversity of social and economic situations in Africa presents you with new challenges and opportunities. Foreign aid and investment takes on a new meaning and often comes with strings attached. Serious issues like malnutrition and access to clean water could be a matter of life and death for the poorest. This new game will let you try your hand at governing the diverse democracies of Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Zambia, Senegal, Tunisia, Botswana and Mauritius.When you step down, will your country be in a better state than when you took up office?

Although it builds on the existing game, Democracy 3: Africa has completely new artwork, music and a series of new events and dilemmas tuned to the issues and situations that are relevant in contemporary Africa.

The countries featured in D3:Africa:
Botswana Egypt Ghana KenyaMauritius
Population 1,839,833 84,550,000 23,000,000 34,707,817 1,219,220
GDP per capita: $16,000 $11,100 $4,200 $3,100 $18,600
Corruption: 63/100 37/100 48/100 25/100 54/100
Literacy: 88.5% 73.8% 76.6% 78.0% 90.6%
Income Inequality: 63.0% 30.8% 39.4% 42.5% 37.5%
Life expectancy: 54.06 years 73.45 years 65.75years 63.52 years75.17 years
Area: 581,726 sq km 1,001,449 sq km 238,534 sq km 580,367 sq km2,040 sq km
Nigeria Senegal Tunisia ZambiaSouth Africa
Population 174,507,539 11,658,000 10,102,000 14,668,000 52,981,991
GDP per capita: $6,100 $2,300 $11,400 $4,100 $12,700
Corruption: 27/100 43/100 40/100 38/100 44/100
Literacy: 59.6% 57.7% 81.8% 63.4% 94.3%
Income Inequality: 43.7% 41.3% 40.0% 57.5% 63.1%
Life expectancy: 52.62 years 60.95 years 75.68 years 51.83 years49.56 years
Area: 923,768 sq km 196,723 sq km 163,610 sq km 725,614 sq km1,221,037 sq km

Can you turn your country into an economic powerhouse that competes with the strongest world economies? Is this the vision you have for your country, or are you aiming for a socialist haven? Can you improve health and education for all your people? Does a little corruption help oil the wheels of power? And can you do this whilst keeping the competing demands of the people under control?

Developed by Positech Games, Democracy 3: Africa is designed by Jeff Sheen, from Stargazy Studios. The game is currently on sale through Steam GoG and the Humble store as well as direct from the developer