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About Positech:

Positech Games is a one man company based in the UK (England). It was formed by gaming geek Cliff Harris in 1997 when he was working as an IT support guy. Cliff has been writing and selling games for 16 years now. Cliff does ALL the programming and design for all of his games, which use an engine he coded from scratch He also handles all the tech support and marketing of the games. Yup, Cliff works pretty darned hard. He ...more

About Positech:

Positech games is a small one man games company from the UK, run by cliff 'cliffski' harris. You can try a free demo of all of my games, small enough for a quick download with no fuss. All my games are free of adverts, spyware, unskippable video and other corporate nonsense. You can buy them online direct from me, with no middle man to take a cut. Thanks for supporting the little guy! ...more