If your game is a mobile game, a tablet game, is already in greenlight, or has been released on any platform already, or its a 'puzzle platform' game, DO NOT contact me, it will be a waste of time and be marked as spam. We also do not do horror games, or games that are adult rated.

Positech Publishing

As well as developing our own (first-party) games, Positech games is also involved in publishing third party titles from other developers. To date, we have two released games under this system: Redshirt and Big Pharma, and a third title is under development. We are always on the lookout for new development partners to help us publish original, cool games.

Making games is *hard work*, and getting noticed in the indie scene is as hard as ever (maybe even harder now). As well as coming up with a cool and original idea, and working to develop that title right through until you have a fun, sellable game, there are a myriad of other tasks new indie developers have to get to grips with such as marketing, negotiating with online stores, handling payments, organizing apperances at shows, booking adverts etc.

It is our experience that a great number of indie developers do not want to deal with all these issues alongside making their game. This may be due to a lack of interest in the business/marketing side, or a lack of time. It may also be the case that you need access to funding, but do not wish to go down the route of crowd funding or early access for your game. This is where an indie publisher like us comes in.

What we provide

A good publisher provides funding, advice and experience. We provide all three. We have the capability to fund your game to the point where it can compete in the current games market. Rather than dealing with hundreds (or thousands) of crowd source backers, you can deal with one person, with a simple, clear contract that suits your requirements.

We can provide advice on your game idea, its execution, its style, along with handling the business side of development. Having released a LOT of games since 1997, we have learned what sells, what doesn't, and can help you adjust your game so its both original and commercially viable. You get the opportunity to learn from our mistakes, as well as leverage a lot of the capabilities we have. Positech-published games have their website hosted by us, their forums run by us, payments from myriad sources collected by us, meaning you have only one company to deal with instead of dozens. We have systems and relationships in place that free you up to concentrate 100% on just making the best game you can.

Because we have been making games so long, we have built up a lot of experience regarding the games industry. We can tell you what online stores to bother with, and who not to, advise you on which PR techniques and advertising has worked for us (or not worked). We can help you pick the right price for your game, and help you decide what discounts and promotions to run. We have years and years of statistical data on how games sell, where, when and at what price.

What we are looking for

Positech Games is best known as a maker of strategy games, although in the past we have also made life simulation games and even some arcade games. Generally speaking we prefer to work with strategy/simulation/management games, but that isn't set in stone. We only work on PC/Mac/Linux games, so we do not consider mobile games, facebook/web games, ipad games, or console games. if thats your target market, you need someone else :D We do not publish unusually violent games, or adult games.

We are looking for professional-quality teams or individuals that can make a game potentially capable of selling tens or hundreds of thousands of copies. If you have never completed a whole game before, this is not for you. We are happy for you to pitch games made in Unity/Unreal or your own/other engine. You will be doing the coding, not us! You have to have good english to deal with us, but that doesn't mean you have to be in the UK/USA.

We are looking for people to work with us as partners, with a royalty split that reflects the partnership. if you have a game idea, and concept art, and experience, but haven't written any code yet, that might be fine. On the other hand if the game is 50% done but you are stuck, that could be fine too. If you aren't sure what to call your game, or are unsure of the theme, thats fine too, we can help you fill in the gaps, IF you have something original. We are NOT interested in clones.

Getting in touch

Its important for you to realize that this will be a serious investment. If your game doesn't require a six figure budget we probably aren't interested, and assuming it does, we need a proper pitch. That means concept art, descriptions, details on the game's scope, details on the team (its fine if its just you), some idea of who you see as your influences and your competition. We also need to know your cirumstances, and your ideas regarding timescale and budget. If you have all this together, just email It's that simple.