Pack up your spacesuits and head for the exits. Your time in this galaxy is over. The swarm is on the way. They are heading towards us, and like the tide, they cannot be stopped. Your lasers and missiles may destroy the first wave, but that is the first of many. There seems to be no end to their numbers and they will never give up. The swarm have no home to retreat to, no territory to fall back to. They will attack in wave after wave with suicidal determination. There can be no negotiation, we must flee. THE SWARM are upon us.

swarm screnshot swarm screenshot

The Swarm is the latest species in the universe of Gratuitous Space Battles. The swarm will destroy you, but it's nothing personal. They are just doing what comes natural to them, moving ever-forwards, ever onwards, always spreading throughout the galaxy, consuming, destroying, fighting. There can be no negotiation, no surrender, no peace with the swarm. They are like a virus spreading rapidly through our galaxy, armed with a bucketload of lasers and disruptor beams. Flee while you still can.

What The Swarm Expansion Pack Contains:

10 New ships. 4 Cruisers 3 Frigates and 3 fighters, all in a new graphical style by the same artist who did the original GSB artwork. The swarm ships are a blend of hotrod sports cars, egyptian pharoahs and samurai warriors. With feathers.

4 New ship equipment:  The swarm have disruptor beams, a slow firing beam laser that concentrates the power of several hardpoints together to generate an unusually destructive blast that tears through strong shields. This is a graphical effect, and the weapon will work in any turret. The Swarm also have 'nest' crew module for frigates, meaning you can cram more crew into a smaller space. They also have 'smart bombs' which detonate all incoming (and outgoing) missiles within their radius, fighter fusion guns and micro-target boosters for fighters.

New ship bonuses. The swarm ships are built on the cheap. They fall to bits easily and aren't very good at making shields or armor, but they do churn out those puppies at bargain prices. Swarm fleets will have large waves of ships, overwhelming the enemy by weight of numbers and speed.

2 New Scenarios. Two maps for you to fight against the swarm, and to use in online challenges. Specially designed space nebulae to show off the shiny new golden hues of the swarm!

What The Pack does NOT contain:

Completely new gameplay modes, and major features that change how the game plays, any new AI orders... basically anything that is not listed in the list above. This is basically a data-pack with new ships, not a sequel or gameplay re-write.

swarm screenshot swarm screenshot

How does this work with challenges and stuff?

If you install the expansion pack, then in future when you post challenges the game will have a little ticked checkbox which tags your challenge as having content from the swarm. That means only people with the expansion pack can play that challenge. If you aren't using any swarm ships in your fleet, you can un-tick that box and the challenge will work just as before. You will be able to download and play existing challenges with your swarm fleet no problem.

I bought the game from X, do I need to get the expansion pack from that site too?

No. It won't make any difference.

You are an evil media conglomerate and a greedy capitalist for releasing an expansion pack etc.

Unfortunately my landlord and the people who sell me food all demand I pay them in something other than GSB expansion packs (the fools!) so I have to exchange the packs for money. Plus I have to pay the artist and feed these cats.

Sounds awesome. I must have this immediately. let me buy it now!

I'm glad you feel this way. Click the big button below (the expansion pack is $5.99)


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