Gratuitous Campaign Battles

Did you long for some context for your gratuitous space battles? Did you prefer the idea of 'fully justified in the grand scheme of things space battles'? Unfortunately that domain name was too long, but that hasn't stopped the development of a campaign mode for GSB. Currently in development, and utilising all sorts of clever 'massively singleplayer' tech, this will be a future expansion pack for GSB. Coming "soon".

Gratuitous Campaign Screen 1 Gratuitous Campaign Screen 2
Gratuitous Campaign Screen 3

The GSB campaign is a singleplayer 'conquer-the-galaxy' style game, where you build up vast space fleets and kick interstellar ass. Rather than set, pre-determined fleets to battle against, the game utilises the fleets designed by other GSB players to provide an endless variety of opponent, so you will be pitted against real carbon-based intelligence on every step of your path to galactic dominance. The GSB campaign is not a full 4X game, but a contextual 'wrapper' for GSB that introduces new strategic concerns such as crew and cash shortages, repairing ships between battles, the need for construction and repair facilities, and the ability to issue a retreat order mid-battle.

The game will not care if you have any earlier DLC or not. If you do, you will face fleets built from those extra races, but if not, you just get enemy fleets built from the original 4 fleets. Why not join our newsletter, if you want to be first in the queue when we open the space doors for orders?


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