How easily you will be able to change Kudos: Rock Legend

Discussion of modding the game, plus links to new mods and additional resources for the game
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Postby cliffski » Sun Aug 12, 2007 8:51 am

SLEEP_DURATION is used for system speed versions, not the actual game. ignore it.

merchandise sales:

Code: Select all

   float basechance = Quality + SIM_GetBand()->GetValue("band_hype");
   if(SIM_GetBand()->CountPersonalities("businessman") > 0)
      scalar *= 1.25f;

   basechance *= scalar;

   //adjust if a charity gig
   if(PGig->GetType() == SIM_Gig::CHARITY)
   Sales[TSHIRTS] = basechance * Attendence * 0.4f;
   Sales[SWEATSHIRTS] = basechance * Attendence * 0.15f;
   Sales[POSTERS] = basechance * Attendence * 0.15f;

Hope that helps.

The code for the results of a gig is hugely complex and too long to post here but its does use a lot of variables from the config files.
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thank you !

Postby dari » Sun Aug 12, 2007 11:58 am

thank you cliffski for answering a few of my questions (and that on a sunday :)

so it looks like the merchandise is limited to these 3 types.

Btw. it is nice to know that businessman also helps with merchandise sales $.$

hope to hear a few information about the other questions too.

And here is a further question to "song_elements.csv":
is the value from the "prereqs"column used - like check vs. the skill of musicianship ?

would be nice to make some "advanced" better quality note depending on a minimum skill.

Also i found maybe one cutncopy operation to much in that file :
the "basic drums" have in the type column the value "type" instead of smt. like "MUSIC"

Thank you for the help and the game(s) !
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Re: a few questions

Postby Prosayist » Thu Aug 16, 2007 5:38 am

dari wrote:1. is.. what is shown at the gig screen.. moddable ?

'you mean in /data/strings.ini on line 245?

Code: Select all

GIGSCREEN_DAMAGE = "Backstage Damage:"   
GIGSCREEN_NOSTOCK = "Out of Stock"   
GIGSCREEN_POSTERS = "Poster Sales:"   
GIGSCREEN_RENTAL = "Venue Hire:"   
GIGSCREEN_SWEATSHIRTS = "Sweatshirt Sales:"   
Rock on!
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Postby turner1988 » Mon Sep 10, 2007 11:20 pm

The first thing I changed were the album titles and song names. Go to Rolling Stone's Top 500 and you'll go from playing cheesy video game songs to classics! Sadly Sgt. Pepper didn't sell nearly as well for me as it did The Beatles :(
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Re: How easily you will be able to change Kudos: Rock Legend

Postby tink » Wed Jan 28, 2009 4:24 am

I modified my practice melodies.txt table in notepad (after I backed up the original to melodies.bak).

The first practice session I did after the update used the new table... but sometime after that it reverted to the old table. So I moved the backup to a "backup" folder. Same results.

Another change I made to the table was to substitute the guitar sounds for the drum sounds as it seems I cannot hear the drums the way I do melodies. This change has remained stable.

I second the earlier observation that there must be more than one location for melody data.

(I am running a copy purchased from Big Fish Games on an XP machine.)
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Re: How easily you will be able to change Kudos: Rock Legend

Postby ronak » Thu Jun 11, 2009 7:37 am

i work on vista as well as win XP referrin to
" procyonone wrote:I am currently trying to modify the melodies you play in the musicianship game. I have tried editing the melodies.txt file with both notepad and wordpad but it won't allow me to save the updated file. Error message as follows.

Cannot create the C:\Program Files\Rock Legend\data\practice\melodies.txt file.
Make sure the path and file name are correct.

it worked fine in win XP but after changing the txt file but i had problems in vista.

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