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Postby UNIVAC » Wed Jun 27, 2007 1:33 pm

Not sure if this has been mentioned before but a Hall Of Fame would be really cool. Maybe coupled with a score in the same way Pirates! did. Still, I'd like to have a record of what bands I've formed and how well they've done.
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Postby JuuL » Wed Jun 27, 2007 5:25 pm

Thanks for the updated version, cliffski. It's really great.
I just wanted to ask if you have any other changes planned for the next update. I'm working on a list of ideas but there is no reason for me to write about things that you're already going to change.
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Postby cliffski » Wed Jun 27, 2007 5:33 pm

no planned changes for the current time, as I'm working on other games for a bit, but I do read all suggestions posted here.
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Postby Jacky13 » Thu Jun 28, 2007 12:17 pm

1.I played the new version 3 times to the end and i discovered that all my bassists got a new bass and after that my uncle gave me money... So why doesn't my guitar player or drum player get a new instrument and is it normal that i have always rich uncle who gives me money:o

2. I booked a gig at Space Dome and my band members had a bad motivation, so i waited for an interviews and tv appearances but they didn't come and i just skipped the days and i hoped that interviews would come. At last i saw web interview and at the same time i clicked on it i saw that i had a gig at the same day and so i missed it and i lost all my money!

I think it would be nice if there could be a warning or something.
"You have a gig tonight, are you sure you want to do a web interview? "
Maybe something like that!

Sry, for my bad English and i hope you understood what i was trying to say :D
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Postby Rocky » Thu Jun 28, 2007 3:45 pm

Play it again, Sam :roll: :lol:

1. My rich uncle bought a new set of drums :shock:

2. Book a gig and always play it.
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Postby tomdale » Wed Jul 11, 2007 11:00 pm

1) More re playability. After playing it the first time i didnt realy have any challenge tbh. everything went ok. i went from goal to goal and from bar to bigger bar to massive arena to the last thing. Which was rock valley or something. it would be good to have more places to go. For example you could apply to get to some festivals ect ect. And receve royaltys from that. Glastonbury, project revolution, coachella ect ect.

2) More verity in what you can play. instrement wise. Ie put option of having someone on the decks or something.

3) Make things more expensive to increase the time it takes to get things.
i played up to ten years with my band and after about 5 years nothing changed because i had played in the biggest venue after about 4 years.
4) Add option to " go on tour " Which requires hotel costs, you need to buy your own plane. Add option of touring different countrys and visiting the dirrerent venues.

5) Add charts in different countrys. for example " x band has made it to the top of the charts in x countrys " would add another goal to the game.

All of these things could increse the playability of the game and keep your audience playing longer.
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Postby Eddy » Sat Jul 14, 2007 2:26 am

Suggestion: As your fame increases, I think the cost of going to the bar should increase as well since you'll be going to the trendy hottest nightspots. Even better, give a choice of bars/clubs to visit and have a chance of failure for the better ones if you are unknowns.
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Postby cliffski » Sat Jul 14, 2007 8:08 am

indeed, I had thought about maybe doing that, but decided not to overcomplicate that part of the game. If I had modelled ego, it would have been quite funny to 'risk' some ego by trying to get into a cooler bar etc.
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Postby turner1988 » Tue Sep 11, 2007 11:36 am

First off, let me just say that IT’S ABOUT TIME!!! To me a game like this is a no brainer (as is one on surgery, but that’s for another discussion). To be fair, there is another game out called Rock Manager, but it sucks big time. I was thrilled to see this one and have enjoyed playing it.

They say that the genius of the U.S. Constitution is that it was left open with the opportunity of changing it if need be. I’d suggest that the genius of this game is it’s ability to be modded (is that a word?). No matter what changes you make to the game, I hope that you always keep this part in tact. I’m not a computer programmer in any way, but have really enjoyed tweaking this part of the game.

That said, below are just a few of the things I’ve been thinking about in relation to an update:

Chart ranks

The option of having both a road manager (reduces stress) and a booking manager. I’d also like the option of having higher ranking managers who can get you even better and more high profile deals.

Larger bands with more instruments (second guitarist, percussionist, back up singers, horn section, dj, string section, etc.) However! And this is important! Adding a band member should mean a cut in pay. Instead of just keeping track of the money made by the band, I would like to know exactly how much money my specific character makes. For each new band member I add, the potential exists for a better sound and a better record, but it also means that profits are split among more people. Make a bad record and the meagre profits become that much more meagre when split among more people. This could also influence motivation.

More of the same instrument. Is there any reason why each guitar (for instance) can’t come in several colors, giving you the option to purchase several of the same guitars? Most top bands have racks of instruments.

More staff. I insist on somebody else to tune my guitars and do my sound check! : ) Also, as the band gets bigger and takes on more equipment, it only makes sense that I would need to hire more roadies.

Is it wrong of me to want drugs and alcohol in the game? Here’s my argument. Some band members may need to turn to drugs/alcohol to keep them happy. The flip side is that they could easily lead to addiction, which would lead to a drop in ability, and would also lead to people missing practices and gigs. I’m not a user myself, but this addition could really add a whole new dimension to the game.

Better ways to get around. First off, there should be something between that crappy van and a tour buss. Something like a nice 15 seater van. Second, there should be several different grades of tour bus. Finally, there should definitely be a plane!

A much better touring system that includes international tours. I’d also like the option of leaving the touring arrangements (booking, etc.) up to my booking manager, leaving the band free to practice, etc. The downside of this is that we’re now at the mercy of the booking manager. These guys often work their bands to death and the band ends up resenting them over it (alah Bon Jovi).

I need MUCH more in the way of merchandise. Glossy photos, key chains, more t-shirt and poster options, and a much better system for ordering. Once I reach a certain level, I really should be able to order stuff in larger quantities.

A much longer game that includes the possibility of getting into the hall of fame once you’ve reached 25 years. As it is, each year goes waaaaaay too fast.

I want fancy plaques to hang on my wall once a record has sold a certain count.

Better interband relationship story lines. For instance, the chance of band members hooking up, breaking up, and splitting the band, alah Fleetwood Mac and pretty much every other band who’s ever had a female in it.

Recognition of my video. Has it been played on Mtv? How was it received?

I’d also like recognition of how many singles there are on each album. I’d further like the option of shooting a video for each single.

Just some thoughts. 8)
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Postby Doncommie » Sat Oct 06, 2007 7:51 pm

I like the game quite a lot but I have to honestly say that it feels like it's missing the last quarter. Everything seems to be set up well for about the first three years and then things get a bit stuck. You can pick up all the bits from the your gig profits and just trundle along and there's nothing really to do. You shouldn't overcomplicate the game but it could use some more depth and bit of investment in working out the differences between starting off, beginning to make it big and being a "rock legend". This sounds pretty harsh so I should reassure you that it is still a good enjoyable game!

There are quite a lot of good suggestions in this thread, I'm impressed!

Feature suggestions

Player character
Why do you have to be the vocalist? As a lot of rock bands are based around three members it would be nicer if you could do one of the other instruments and not be forced to have four members minimum. Alternatively just let you play any instrument but require the normal guitar/bass/drums/vocalist thing.

Music style
Bands change their style and have all kinds of style influences but it seems kinda odd that you don't ever actually tie down what your bands sound is. It would be cool if you could choose if you were a punk/metal/rock/acoustic/prog band and then things would be based around that. This would be an easy way to add a ton of replayability as different styles could have different gig backdrops, instruments etc... You would still be a rock band so everything else would still fit in place, just different style and options.

Should have charts. Why no singles? How about a minigame for editing the tracklist rather than just pushing all your best songs on there? More stuff for album promotion. Seems to be very hard to make much money out of albums unless you have a top quality release.

Record company
Deals should be way more important. For some rewards (Free recording studio usage for rehersal, free sound engineer/manager, more PR) you have to meet contractual obligations like recording X many albums which don't cost you anything to publish but the label takes 40% or so.

Real bands tour all the time so it's pretty crazy you don't get to do any! This would work great as a long term goal, you start off small playing gigs, eventually get in at a festival, then open for a bigger act and eventually get a tour of your own. Festivals could act like high end gigs and only come at certain times. Tours would work last like a week of game time and require a load of cash to get started, then have several minigames such as organising your setlist (Matching game similar to making a song), doing your sound mix (Like the sound quality for recording a CD) and the FX for your stage show (Matching stuff, related to your setlist putting in certain FX sequences to suit your songs).

Hiatus/solo material
When things start to go pear shaped rather than being stuck on a path to losing you should be able to do what real bands do and put things on hold for a bit. Over this period you can work on solo material and make some money and then the band will come back together after with motivation restored to give you more of a second chance. It shouldn't be something you want to do so it should really incur a big time penalty but it's better than being screwed by a motivation problem.

The different merchandise should have different amounts of popularity and profit levels. You should also get more of a choice, a starting out band will only have cheaply made tshirts but rock legends will have diamonite studded logos etc...

Misc tweak suggestions

More cancel buttons
Song writing and store need cancel buttons so you don't waste a day. I guess the song writing thing would need to give you the same note selection if you go back to it on the same day to avoid people abusing it.

Need more feedback
An overall problem I have is that it isn't clear what effect some things have:
* What does getting a van mean?
* Should you have both a van and a limo? Why should you have a bus instead of a limo?
* Can I have an eight spotlight rig and coloured lighting?
* Can I have small and large pyros?
* How good is each rehearsal venue?

If you hire a sound engineer it's not really clear what difference it makes outside of the big picture of making you "better". Similar for masseuse, PR, roadie...

Cash flow
Money is really important but you don't get a decent summary of your spending. We don't need loads of spreadsheets and charts but some kind of weekly summary would be helpful, as well as your daily totals and per gig cost.

Staff cost
Most of the staff are pretty expensive until around the end of the third year, it would be nicer if there was some more options of experience (Like how you have normal and expert sound engineer).
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Postby cliffski » Thu Oct 11, 2007 2:02 pm

hey that's great feedback, cheers!
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Re: Feedback on what to change / improve. ADD YOUR VIEWS

Postby marcus » Tue Dec 18, 2007 11:27 pm

Some thoughts

I like the practice game and the songwriting.

I would prefer it if there were more steps in the song writing.

Generally I would like to add more records and more bands - but I can do that through mods.
I would also like to turn down the inspiration bonus for seeing a band - or better have that drop when you see the same band for a subsequent time.

I would like to be able to create bands with multiple guitarists (Fleetwood Mac had three) ,keyboard players (Greenslade had two as did Squeeze, Jethro Tull (late 80s), Barclay James Harvest (after Woodie left) and Judie Tzuke), drummers (Lynyrd Skynyrd and later 10CC had two), even bassists (I canno think of a pro band with two but a uniersity freind of mine played in one).

Also more brass players and backing vocalists.

Also do I have to be the singer! I am a drummer and lyricist in a pub band - I would like to be the drummer in the game!

I would like more places to relax - ski lodges, the Bahamas. I guess I can add these as mods - though I would need to steel pictures. But perhaps some of these should take more than one day hard to get to the Bahamas and back in a day.

Why can you only by a video once? How come you do not have to spend time making them?
It might be good if they had a screen like the CDs with choice of director etc.
Actualy the ability to hire a producer - who will make the CD mix better (by avariable amount) but charge suitably might be sensible.

I am sure more will come to me.

Another great game - I have wasted too much time on it already you fiend! :-)
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Re: Feedback on what to change / improve. ADD YOUR VIEWS

Postby Jokke » Thu Dec 27, 2007 12:22 pm

I have bought a rider but they still keep whining that they don't have one. Could you fix that as soon as possible? One of my band members is already leaving. Damn drummer...
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Re: Feedback on what to change / improve. ADD YOUR VIEWS

Postby Corylea » Sun Jan 06, 2008 12:49 am

Hey, Cliff! Do you know about Shady O'Grady's Rising Star? It's also a manage-a-rock-band game by an indie developer: It has a LOT more features than Rock Legend does, including many of the ones that people have been asking for. Cliff, you might want to listen to some of the suggestions in this thread, because you've got some excellent competition out there. :-)

I'd like to see a patch that lets us edit some of the motivation parameters or that at least makes them make more sense. Handing out flyers advertising their first gig decreases a beginning band's motivation severely. That just doesn't make sense to me -- it seems like telling people to come see their very first gig would either increase the band's motivation or be motivation-neutral. I understand that Melissa Etheridge doesn't want to stand on street corners and hand out flyers, but Beginning No-Name Band should be psyched. Maybe the motivational effect of doing low-level publicity work could vary with the level of fame?

I've never been in a band, so maybe all musicians really are whiny babies, but this seems unlikely to me. It seems to me that beginning bands know that making it in the music business is tough, and they are expecting to have to deal with a few hardships. The real musicians I've heard of slept in the van when they were first starting out and stuff like that -- I can't imagine that they would have made it if they were constantly whining for stuff.

And boredom. God, they get bored if we spend too much time writing songs or raising our musicianship or whatever. WTF? Don't real musicians either find it stimulating to write songs or go watch TV if they're not involved in the writing? Don't musicians who are serious about making it practice pretty much every day? Sheesh. And these are the optimistic ones!

The musicians in the game are such babies that I have to wonder what your experience of being in a band was like. Really, really bad, judging by the way you've set up the game! :-)
Middle-aged professional woman still plays computer games. Film at 11.
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Re: Feedback on what to change / improve. ADD YOUR VIEWS

Postby cliffski » Mon Jan 07, 2008 8:49 am

handing out flyers is exciting for the first 5 minutes. then its rellay really really depressing, because its almost entirely futile. Most people ignroe you, and half that take them just scrunch them up and throw them in a bin right in front of you. maybe 1 in 100 actually reads it, maybe 1 in a thousand will show up to your gig if you are lucky.
Added to that, in the UK, it was often raining while we stood outside a gig or a nightclub handing these things out, and worse still, not knowing whn the gig would end, so standing there for an hour shivering with a bunch of soggy flyers. It's not as motivational as you would think :D

The biggest motivation (as in the game) is from doing well attended gigs where you go down well :D.

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