Re: Current changes (pending next build)

Please check bugs are not already reported, or listed as a pending fix!
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Re: Current changes (pending next build)

Postby cliffski » Thu Dec 28, 2017 4:14 pm

[version 1.42]
1) [GUI] Changes to marketing GUI to make active campaigns more distinctive.
2) [GUI] Event notifications in the bottom right of the screen now flash to draw attention.
3) [Balance] Strength of competition now affects how negatively customers perceive missing (expected) features.
4) [GUI] The Task-picker window now shows the color coding used for zoom-out UI when zoomed out, also some colors changed to be more obvious.
5) [Bug] Fixed crash bug when archiving a car design whilst the production schedule window was open and showing that design.
6) [Balance] Customers will now purchase cars from rivals if competition is high and your brand awareness is low.
7) [Feature] Added options to allow the game to run when in the background, and to disable the floating resource-consumed tooltips.
8) [Feature] New start game window allows you to choose sandbox or freeplay mode (no competition or costs).
9) [Feature] Support for scenarios with goals (and a single test goal added for the first map.
10) [Balance] Slowed down the rate at which market competitiveness changes.
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Positech Staff
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Re: Current changes (pending next build)

Postby cliffski » Wed Jan 10, 2018 12:12 pm

[version 1.43]
1) [Feature] When placing down a supply stockpile or a slot with a mini-stockpile, the stockpile tile now automatically gets a free overhead conveyor belt added to that tile.
2) [Bug] Sandbox text now displayed correctly on choose mission screen when first shown.
3) [Bug] Fixed flickering effect when dragging a potential resource conveyor that started from a supply stockpile.
4) [Balance] Increased the price of robot upgrades by 50%
5) [Gfx] Cars now rotate to the correct facing rather than rotating early, when taking corners!
6) [GUI] Customers who consider a showroom car to have too-low a spec now do not randomly suggest a missing feature (was confusing players).
7) [Balance] Adjusted market competition so its more reactive to your capital expenditure and bank balance.
8) [GUI] Resource importer GUI expanded to show multiple columns when needed.
9) [Content] New scenario added for the second map.
10) [Content] Finish paint coat now uses a new resource: colored paint.
11) [Balance] Reduced the time that stockpiles keep resources that are not being used until they get purged.
12) [Content] You can now manufacture airbags, using a new resource (sodium azide)
13) [Gfx] Added some racks of electrical cable to various electrical-using production slots.
14) [Gfx] Added new animation to polish machine and glass-bending machine.
15) [Translations] Added Italian, Portuguese and Czech.
16) [Balance] Keyless entry now requires central locking to be researched first. (thanks to trifler500)
17) [Feature] Fit dashboard is now researchable to be split into fit controls and fit cabin.
18) [Feature] Market sales matrix tips now take into account current stock in the showroom.

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Positech Staff
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Re: Current changes (pending next build)

Postby cliffski » Mon Jan 29, 2018 1:37 pm

[version 1.44]
1) [Gfx] Added laser-room to sensor manufacture, and fuel-tank press to fuel tank manufacture.
2) [Bug] AI research icons for polished paintwork and aircon now show up correctly.
3) [Balance] Make valves slot output doubled to 2
4) [Balance] Make engine blocks slot output doubled to 2
5) [Balance] Make hood slot output doubled to 2
6) [Balance] Make horn slot output doubled to 2
7) [Balance] Make trunk slot output doubled to 2
8) [Balance] Make window slot output doubled to 2, plus process time increased from 1800 to 5200
9) [Balance] Make steering wheel slot output doubled to , plus process time increased from 2100 to 6000
10) [Balance] Make airbag process time reduced to 14000 (from 21,500).
11) [Balance] Sodium Azide resource cost reduced from 300 to 220.
12) [Balance] Make steel sheet slot output doubled to 2 process time increased from 1600 to 3000
13) [Balance] Make sensor slot output reduced from 6 to 4.
14) [Balance] Make aircon slot process time reduced from 22000 to 14000.
15) [Balance] Make panoramic sunroof steel requirements reduced from 2 to 1.
16) [Balance] Make axle slot output doubled, process time increased and construction cost increased
17) [Balance] Make headlights slot output doubled.
18) [Balance] Make Xenon Headlights upgrade extra process time increased from 600 to 3,200.
19) [Balance] Make Alloy wheels upgrade now has higher power and speed penalties.
20) [Balance] Reduced the time penalty for the make heated steering wheel upgrade.
21) [Balance] Make powertrain slot process time reduced from 7200 to 5200.
22) [Balance] Make wheels slot construction cost increased from 36125 to 54900, process time increased from 1,060 to 2,300.
23) [Bug] Fixed bug where cars would sometimes seem invisible until you zoomed in closer.
24) [Bug] Fixed bug where save games could not load and gave error: Saved subtask not found..\src\SIM_ProductionSlot.cpp 1369
25) [Feature] New games show screen to pick your logo and company name, also editable from the icons on all of the main windows now.
26) [Balance] Reduced the impact of competition on the desirability of car features (less dramatic car pricing swings).
27) [Bug] Fixed bug where some animations did play on certain facilities.
28) [Feature] Resource importers now periodically sort queued objects so slots waiting for resources for longest get their resources first.
29) [SFX] Slot deletion sound volume now varies properly with the size of the deleted object.
30) [GUI] Improved layout of resource importer GUI.
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Positech Staff
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Re: Current changes (pending next build)

Postby cliffski » Tue Feb 06, 2018 8:09 pm

[version 1.45]
1) [Bug] Fixed anomaly where the large battery upgrade could sometimes still require a small battery per car as well.
2) [Bug] Fixed visual anomaly where previous games efficiency chart data showed up in empty area of slot efficiency chart.
3) [Bug] Fixed issue where the medium map scenario was confused with another scenario when loading in saved scenario games.
4) [Feature] You can now toggle the fading out of music with zoom feature on the options dialog.
5) [GUI] Nicer GUI style for the objectives screen in-game.
6) [Bug] Added code to auto-select sound driver if current sound driver fails to initialise.
7) [GUI] New icons on the vehicle design screen show warnings if features are researched, and universal or common, but not enabled.
8) [GUI] New window appears, when needed on vehicle design screen to show common or universal features you have not yet researched.
9) [Balance] Slot upgrade costs increased by 20%
10) [Bug] Cars always now face the right direction if stationary on load.
11) [Feature] Game now saves minutes as well as hours in save game for the factory time.
12) [Bug] Display time for a production slot details window now correctly updates to show time to process the current car.
13) [Bug] Fixed bug where the flashing 'new' on the slot picker could be incorrectly activated or deactivated.
14) [Bug] Fixed issue where applying upgrades to cars in the post-research screen failed to automatically enable pre-requisite upgrades.
15) [Bug] Post-research screen feature-applying screen now scrolls in both directions!
16) [Bug] Improved stockpile management algorithm to prevent sudden unexplained refunding of resources from stockpiles.
17) [GUI] Redesigned resource price screen so it shows a single generic graph and more sensible layout.

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