Sandbox save game for 1.08a

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Sandbox save game for 1.08a

Postby Xerrabaldy » Tue Feb 14, 2017 10:54 pm

Someone requested something like this in another forum post so I did a quick hack to get a save game with practically unlimited cash, and all research unlocked. Just unarchive this into your save game directory and you have a medium factory with all the research unlocked apart from the new steel sheets which weren't in the save game I had with it all already saved. Won't take long to add that to your save game if you plonk a couple of research stations down.

Remember, this destroys any real gameplay at present as you can do what the hell you like with no financial implications. It's great for testing stuff, however, and you still want to come back and play anyway, later on, so no real harm done.

Medium factory save with all research and loadsamoney.
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