Production Sequencing

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Production Sequencing

Postby shadow » Sat Jan 27, 2018 3:12 am

So, I was looking the INI’s to see how the production sequence is done. I wanted to change it because it’s really bothering me. I realized that I would have to change multiple files to get the sequence I want. That got me thinking, there must be an easier way to control the production sequence.

What I’m suggesting is a central file to control the production sequence. That way if you or a user wants to change the production sequence, or you add something new, or remove something from the sequence, you only need to change one file instead of changing multiple files. The chance for introducing bugs is reduced and adding or removing production steps is simplified. There should be time savings for you whenever you change the production sequence by only editing one file instead of editing several files.

This seems like a win for both you Cliffski and the users that want to use custom production sequences.

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