Resource Importer GUI as a research Item

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Resource Importer GUI as a research Item

Postby Vyllan » Wed Sep 06, 2017 9:13 pm

I find the Resource Importer GUI useful late game when there is a lot of part manufacturing going on, many make part Slots usually served by a limited number of Importers. Its handy to examine an importer to see what is coming through, If believe i should by making and using locally all Steel sheets and I can see them being imported i know i have missed something.
But i don't like them all on all the time.
I suggest a new Technology 'Resource Import Monitoring' (2,000) placed after Import Priorities (1,550)
Resource Importers have a GUI and a toggle on/off option to enable the Resource Import GUI


This enables the ability to turn on and off Resource Importer monitoring as required per port.
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