Vehicle Versioning

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Vehicle Versioning

Postby mickster04 » Sat Jan 20, 2018 10:37 pm

I have say my normal sedan, and a mid-range sedan, that has common and rare items. then I research a bunch of new techs and want to add them to the mid sedan. What I do is implement a versioning system. so Mk1/2/3 etc, by copying the current iteration. I don't know if this is how you envisioned it being done, but it's how I like to do it. It means I can control the costs of the less well equipped versions without affecting the new ones with all the extra mods. It also means I don't get cars with Uninstalled Features, which I assume means better sales.

However there are some issues with this approach. I can't copy the markup nor the name of the vehicle across, I would really appreciate if the markup migrated across because then the UI shows which techs are expected at the level the car should be at. Showing me which rare items I may want to add to the new version.
It would also be helpful if I could copy an existing car but change it's body type. I have my well researched Mk3 mid-range sedan with all the good stuff, and I want a SUV with the same tech stack because it will save me time having to change the mark up, then adding the techs, then checking the markup is acceptable...

An alternatively to this is to allow the QA to feed back into the beginning of the manufacturing process. Missing tech (which was added after the car had passed the slot) seems to make the cars float around the sales room for a lot longer than usual? or is that my imagination. But in the scenario where i create a new version of the sedan with 3 extra 'rare' techs and one 'extra rare' tech, i want to also increase the markup, If i increase the markup up on my less interesting vehicle, it won't sell as well...

I assume at some point if not already) the marketing dept will increase brand recognition by default and will get more people into your shop and help you sell more cars, even if you don't have a current marketing campaign on? Because what this all comes down to is that I have cars in the showroom that don't have some of the techs it's supposed to, and is higher prices because those new techs are rare/extra rare.

Great work though, thoroughly enjoying the scenario mode!
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Re: Vehicle Versioning

Postby cliffski » Wed Jan 24, 2018 5:04 pm

Hi, thanks for the feedback. The marketing does already increase brand and showroom foot-traffic, but only when campaigns are actively running.
Regarding copying the name and markup over, that is definitely a good idea and something I can do, as its a fairly minor(i think) code change. I will make a note of it.
Copying an existing design to a different body style is definitely harder, but I'll put it on my ideas list.

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