1.31 released. Big update. here are the changes!

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1.31 released. Big update. here are the changes!

Postby cliffski » Wed Sep 06, 2017 2:29 pm

OOk...we tweaked a LOT:

1) [Bug] Fixed problem where features restricted to a body style, such as bullbars, could become essential for all body styles.
2) [Balance] Loan terms are now half the previous length.
3) [GUI] Production line placer now shows predicted cost on red background if too expensive, and cancels build to prevent you going bankrupt by accident.
4) [Bug] Fixed bug where cars could get stuck at aircon slot if it came after an un-upgraded fit accessories slot and before a fit dashboard slot.
5) [Bug] Fixed bug where vehicle design colors were not saved and loaded correctly.
6) [Performance] Various optimisations for super large factories with low end CPUs, or single/dual core CPUs.
7) [Bug] Fixed graphical glitch where stockpiles did not always remove old graphics in some circumstances.
8) [Bug] Fixed error where the efficiency screen showed car sales/hour instead of production.
9) [Feature] Car design facility can now be researched and placed, with its own separate tech tree GUI to unlock car body styles in parallel with normal research.

Thats a big change. we basically have a new min i tech tree accessible when you place down an all-new and exciting design studio facility!
screenshot_28-08-2017_13-34-28.png (2.39 MiB) Viewed 2088 times

10) [GUI] Top strip interface now less overcrowded on small resolutions.
11) [GUI] Research facility pop-up dialog now formatted like the tech tree.
12) [GUI] Changing screen resolution now issues a warning dialog if you are mid-game.
13) [GUI] Cleaner design for the explanatory windows on the task picker, plus this now shows more data for some facilities.
14) [Tutorial] Added tutorial popup that explains car colors GUI.
15) [GUI] Finance graph now shown on the game over screen when you go bankrupt.
16) [GUI] Research complete screen now disables 'upgradeall' button if it would cause bankruptcy.
17) [GUI] Unlockable zones now have distinct icons to click and unlock, rather than the entire zone area.

That was much requested. you now get special icons like these:
screenshot_31-08-2017_15-09-51.png (390.83 KiB) Viewed 2088 times

18) [GUI] Market matrix now has better tooltips that give advice on production and pricing strategies.
19) [Bug] Locked car colors no longer assigned in random color cases.
20) [SFX] Added some more placeholder GUI sfx.
21) [GUI] The supply stockpile 'copy slot' GUI now also copies resource requirements for any unlocked upgrades available for that slot.

This should make the copy slot button much much more useful.

22) [GUI] Unlock zone dialog now shows total rent.
23) [GUI] The create button on the car design window now copies all the existing cars option settings.

Another usability improvement which reduces needless clicking when copying a design to make a premium version...

24) [GUI] Research complete window now stays open until you have visited both car design (if appropriate) and research windows (if needed).
25) [GUI] Body style/production scheduler GUI on the slot details window is now much more obvious and appealing.
26) [GUI] Added stock levels and sales per hour stats to the car design window.
27) [Feature] Heated steering wheel.

Lots of usability improvements in this build. Expect the next build (which may be a few weeks due to holiday & showing the game at EGX) to be more focused on the economy and customer purchase complexity.

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