Future Stuff (Partial development roadmap)

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Future Stuff (Partial development roadmap)

Postby cliffski » Sat Feb 11, 2017 4:05 pm

I don't have a formal defined roadmap for the game, and am basically asking people what they like to see, mostly through reading the suggestions forum:

and the development priorities poll run from within the game. You can see the latest poll results here:

Having said that...here is my current todo list of new features (as opposed to bug fixes)

  • A Marketing system that allows you to place ad campaigns on TV, radio, Billboards and the internet. Researchable, and requiring marketing slots.
  • Defects and Car quality as a sales-price modifier.
  • Better GUI design.
  • Area-of-effect QA slots that reduce defects.
  • New researchable techs that reduce defects and boost quality.
  • New car body type : Compact Car (2 door).
  • New music and more variety of music.
  • Better sound effects.
  • Different demand over time for car body styles.
  • Ability to make more money from a feature if researched before competitors.
  • GUI to show you competitors, what tech they research and how competitive they are.
  • Ability to turn off upgrades at a slot.
  • Cosmetic changes to your factory (floor and walls etc)
  • New researchable techs that increase the production speed at manufacturing slots.
  • New car export slot which handles sales faster than the current slot (but bigger, more expensive, more staff)
  • Hybrid and electric engines.
  • Self parking and self-driving.
  • New researchable recruitment abilities that reduce labour costs.
  • Replacing humans with robots.
  • Equipment reliability and breakdowns.

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