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Re: Your feedback required!

Postby ttomleigh » Tue Jul 21, 2015 2:45 am

So i bought this game a while ago because i love these types of games, but I stopped playing because the challenges were too easy and i felt like i wasn't accomplishing anything. After i saw the update about improving AI and challenges I decided to give it another go.

I jumped straight into 'Even Mo Money' and found myself missing the master target by quite a lot. Since your asking for feedback on specific challenges I'm going to talk about 2 that I didn't see on the thread already. Right now, i have completed a few of the challenges at master rank and am very satisfied by how difficult they were to achieve.

I especially enjoyed 'The Megacure' as i had to frantically research everything to make such a high valued item in such a short time period. I completed the challenge with 2 months remaining and was barely profitable, but it worked.

I love all the changes that were made and i have noticed that some of the AI can keep up with me(somewhat) as the game progresses. The fun, challenge, and replay-ability has definitely increased significantly since i bought the game.

The only issue i have had so far is with the 'Not For Profit' challenge. The average cure rating of B across all products combined with the 1.8 million operating profit is surprisingly difficult especially because this challenge is an intermediate challenge and does not allow access to the lobbying research. On my current try I am only half way to the 1.8 m goal and my two highest profit products are only C+... This challenge is deffinately as hard or harder than most of the advanced challenges. Ironically though, putting this challenge under the Advanced challenges would make it somewhat easier.

Other than the 'Not For Profit' being too hard, i love all the changes and am really enjoying my time going through and completing all the challenges.
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Re: Your feedback required!

Postby PTTG » Thu Jul 23, 2015 12:56 am

The early challenges have such buttery loan terms that it's easy to keep a kind of ponzi scheme running so you're always paying off loans with fresh loans. Capital stops being an issue pretty quickly.

I find that many of the challenges seem "samey." I'd like to see more colorful challenges, ones that change larger assumptions about what resources are available and how you can use them. See my thread for more detail on that.
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Re: Your feedback required!

Postby Miczu » Fri Jul 24, 2015 12:30 pm

Some of the challenges are unbalanced because of random ingredient generation.

I played 'Keep calm and carry on', but the seed can make big difference on finish time - I placed for couple years and I still to find Antihistamine in Desert or Sub Zero regions. Restarted it couple of times and it was my starting ingredient. Second tier catalyst could end up the same way.

'King of non-prescriptions' had similar issue - first time I lunched, I had no starting ingredients for the challenge - after one reset I had both. In that run I finished it in two years, when I needed 4 to get Master.

Not really a fan of challenges where going for Master require playing longer rather than playing better - I feel like it's possible to have winning layout, but the game needs to tick over the years to count as win - 2x speed is too little if I'm required to just 'wait'. I know it's matter of play-style/preference, but it's feedback either way.

I'm still on early missions, so maybe more feedback later on.

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