[ShipNames] Zyrtari Shipnames

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[ShipNames] Zyrtari Shipnames

Postby Tangle » Sat Feb 28, 2015 6:53 pm

Because there aren't many mods for this game, have a tiny addition of 66 names for Zyrtari ships. Because the "Gratuitous" shipname set I find generally not the Zyrtari's style. Currently contains 66 names, including: The Zyrtari Class names, random jumblenames of Zyrtari people, possibly your own username jumbled beyond some recognition, also some dictators/tyrants.

1. Download file.
2. Unzip.
3. Cut/Copy zyrtari.txt to Gratuitous Space Battles 2\data\shipnames.
4. Play and use a random name from the file.
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