The 'things you asked for that are already in GSB2' thread

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The 'things you asked for that are already in GSB2' thread

Postby cliffski » Wed Jul 02, 2014 9:41 am

I'm locking this to keep it simple and clear, but here is stuff that is coded and seems working in GSB 2 right now, that you fine people wanted (AFAIK!)

  • Firing arcs supported, based on the weapon slot
  • New Gunship class
  • New Destroyer class
  • New Dreadnought class
  • Ships can be rotated during initial deployment now
  • Fighters require carriers for deployment
  • Fighters deploy initially within a carrier and are immediately-launched.
  • Formation order now survives the death of any one member of the formation, and works as you would expect.
  • Fighter squads can now escort other fighter squads, each fighter switching to the nearest target squad survivor if current target dies
  • Missile modules can now have up to ten missiles in flight simultaneously, compared with the single missile in GSB1

Obviously I'm working on other stuff.

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