Help me decide on future development priorities...

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Re: Help me decide on future development priorities...

Postby Vazeron1 » Sat Aug 22, 2015 7:49 am

Honestly the biggest priority beyond balance is something akin to Galactic Conquest. I've held off on GSB2 precisely because it didn't have an analogous Campaign mode to GSB1. While the new content looks great, the only thing I played in GSB1 was Galactic Conquest - the challenges and the scenarios bored me to tears. I loved facing random fleets and having to build and maintain my own. Sure, it was barebones, but even that barebones shell of a strategy game keeps me coming back to GSB1 even now.

I'd purchase GSB2 instantly and at full price if I saw the return of such a feature. Until then though I still have to straddle the fence.

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Re: Help me decide on future development priorities...

Postby Mystic » Mon Aug 24, 2015 1:18 pm

neverless wrote:Most important stuff to work on?

Definitely the packaging gap between Windows and Linux/Mac.

We are currently talking about Linux/Mac V1.35 (that's early July, or almost 6 weeks old) vs. Windows 1.39 (a week old). At the moment we don't even know if you are going to release an upgrade for Linux/Mac at all, the only information is "some time later" or "soon", depending on which announcement thread I read.

I second this as the single most important thing to address. And just like neverless said, I can't even guess at what else might be a priority since I haven't been able to get any of the recent updates for Mac, so I have no idea of what state the game may not be in.

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Re: Help me decide on future development priorities...

Postby N3MES1S » Wed Sep 30, 2015 3:32 am

Definitely points 4 and 5. Hmm, compatibility issues with Mac users should be important to fix, too.

One thing i would like to see is some sort of error report. Specially when applying mods. For example, when something is crashing, the player has no clue what must be causing the crash. Something that tells you "module not found", or "name not found" or something, would be very helpful to everyone.

But of course everything that is more customizing options, as well as more modding options (and less inconvenient modding options!) is always welcome.

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Re: Help me decide on future development priorities...

Postby zh0ul » Fri Oct 02, 2015 12:34 am

1) Always, back-fixes.
- I note that there are 2 achievements we cannot complete, because the 2 php's that support them are 'not functional'
They are:
Battle Architect - server/count_players_ofmychallenges.php
Conqueror - server/count_players_beaten.php (however, i see you fixed this with a local file challengehistory)

2) Crash fix:
- Load up a 140,000-190,000 fleet cost battle
- Battle a few times, changing your fleet composition or race each time
- After about 4-6 games, you'll crash, even in single player. (appears to be memory leak related).

3) After-battle stats:
- I saw after-battle stats for GSB1 and they looked amazing. I liked the graphs/charts/etc.
- Would love to see more of this in GSB2

While on topic of after-battle stats:
- If you click to review battle stats, when you 'exit' it kicks you back to main page, instead of back into 'designer' for that challenge.
- Would love to see it bring me back to battle designer, as it does if you *dont* review stats.

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Re: Help me decide on future development priorities...

Postby EL_Lamito » Mon Dec 07, 2015 8:10 pm

I played GSB1 seriously (though never looking here for spoilers)

GSB2 bored me as soon as I beat it, which was very soon due to stacking dreadnoughts with anti-fighter tech (this destroys almost all scenarii)

In my opinion, you need more balancing. Not stats driven stuff. Stats should come later.

First think of purposes :
* stat usefullness (how good is damage, range, cost, shield resistance, shield strength, armor, HP, speed, ... ) and indirect stats (power, crew, ...)
* module purpose
* balancing rewards (aka you should be penalized by overspecialization). The main example of it is speed, where a ship is either VERY fast or too slow to use speed as a defense. This is an extremely bad concept currently, you should make a dodge rating based on speed vs tracking speed so that every amount of speed above 20% of tracking speed gives you a chance to dodge a shot (with 10% dodge at 30% of tracking speed, 80% dodge @TS and 100% @ 2* TS, for example)

Each module should have a specific purpose (in terms of composition, prefered targets, ... and be quite good at it).

IMHO, start decribing the use of modules their stats will follow. For example on shield you could have
* Highly resistant shield, making you immune some weapons with medium endurance and HUGE radius (making you vulnerable to short range fire) and huge weight (making it inpracticable for a reasonnably fast ship)
* Low strength shield with huge HP point and low recharge rates
* Medium resistance shield with low HP, extremely cheap, good for not giving a free pass to light weapons
* ...
Stats will follow. Just make sure every shield is desirable with a ship purpose in mind.

Another thing : make sure that the lazy option (multiple cruiser/dreadnoughts that fry everything from long range, with decent anti-fighter defence from a support class of ships) is a weak option, for example by providing very good défenses agaisnt logn rangeweaponry and devastating mediumrange weapons

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