[Mod] Chile

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[Mod] Chile

Postby AlvaroSaavedraJeno » Sun Feb 16, 2014 4:17 am

Hey guys, i'm new here, and i've been looking for a place to share this. I've been using another mods as a model (like Poland or Argentina). By now, Chile mod is made with real stats, real policies and realistic crime issues; Open foreigner investment and low standards of education and health. However i was not able to determinate the low unemployment rate (5% real), and finally the game is with a huge unemployment. I have to add some new policies too, but i'll do it once i get better practice in this modding stuff. (i'm sorry for my english issues).
It took me some hours, but at least it's finished, and completelly playable.

"It includes Parties and chilean names"

The stats are proportionally reduced by the realistic rates of Germany and USA ingame. (however that brings me positive incomes).


"Chile is now one of the most important economies in America, and it have been trying to reach the development since 20 years. However, the last economic miracle of this nation is just the nice side of the outrageous inequality and problems about health and education, pressed by a growing socialist youth."

Population: = "16,634,603 (December 2012)"
Size: = "756,102 sq km"
Life expectancy: = "78.40 years"
Gini(inequality): = "52"
GDP per capita: = "$15,415"
Poverty: = "15.1% (2006)"
Ethnicity: = "88.9% mestizos"
Religion: = "Christian(83.1%) None(12,5%)"
Literacy: = "97.8%"
Human Development: = "0.819"
Big Mac Index: = "$4.05"

Download MOD Chile:

Any suggestions or something i should do, please tell me. I'm available to make this experience more playable.
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Re: [Mod] Chile

Postby Eryx » Wed Apr 09, 2014 3:52 pm

Cool, thanks! Keep updating! :)
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Re: [Mod] Chile

Postby KratosC » Mon Sep 05, 2016 8:48 pm

El link está caído, por favor arréglalo :l

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