Redshirt updated to v1.04!

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Redshirt updated to v1.04!

Postby Mitu » Fri Jan 31, 2014 4:12 pm

Redshirt has been updated to v1.04! If you ordered the game directly, please re-use your original download link in your email.

Here's what the update addresses:

  • FEATURE: Added an 'endless' game mode!
  • BUGFIX: Fixed game breaking after some away missions for some players (due to new NPCs profile pictures not saving properly.) This has been addressed, and previously-inaccessible games should now be working again too.
  • BUGFIX: Window displaying option to take a character off the station with you now shows their name and relationship to you.
  • BUGFIX: Game is now properly saving after leaving station early.
  • BUGFIX: Screen resolution settings are now being properly saved.
  • BUGFIX: Ensure player has heard of the illicitly-trading Geldar before being introduced to his brother.

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