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GTB in the media

Postby cliffski » Fri Mar 23, 2012 9:25 am

This is a thread to list any reviews previews or other coverage of Gratuitous Tank Battles. Obviously we appreciate all coverage, as small indie studios don't have big billion dollar budgets like EA to make superbowl adverts with, so generally this game relies on word of mouth and recommendation to be a success.
Some of the best coverage the game will ever get is definitely going to be forum threads on gaming sites, and conversations on facebook, twitter and youtube. If you have an account, and like the game, we really appreciate any retweeting or mentioning of GTB coverage on social media. Obviously 'upvoting' with stuff like facebook lieks and +1s is really helpful in getting the word out.

I'll post new links as they happen, but here are the current ones.

HolyMoly: ... oks-amazin
IndieGameMag ... verything/
One Guy Too Many Games ... eview.html
SpaceSector: ... s-preview/
I Luv Games:
Rock Paper Shotgun: ... k-battles/ ... s-preview/
AtomicGamer ... es-preview
GameVortex ... es-pc.html
and ... es-pc.html
Examiner: ... nk-battles
Gaming nexus: ... m3430.aspx
Just Press Start:
Dark Zero: ... k-battles/
StrategyCore ... s-preview/
Werits Blog: ... ttles.html
Structure Gaming ... ith-mechs/
IndieGameMag: ... spaceship/
The Reticule: ... e-verdict/
GameDebate: ... %20Battles
TheControllerOnline: ... es-review/
Gaming Excellence: ... les/review
Mash Those Buttons: ... es-review/
BagOfGames: ... es-review/
HiddenExit: ... k-battles/
GroovyGamer: ... review-pc/
BrokenJoysticks: ... es-review/
IndieLove: ... k-battles/
CPUGamer: ... les-review
ThatGamerHub: ... review-pc/
IndieGame Reviewer: ... me-review/
Tap Repeatedly: ... k-battles/
Game N Train:

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