[MOD] Legios

Welcome to the shipyards. Here you can discuss how to re-calibrate the positronic neutron flow to double power to the aft shields. Or you can discuss how to add new ships, new maps, new scenarios, new modules, etc. have fun!
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Re: [MOD] Legios

Postby Hybrinoid » Sun Jul 04, 2010 2:50 pm

Eich wrote:I can't believe that this is still possible ^^

@ Hybrinoid,
the real problem is, that you can increase your honour on the deploymentscreen.

huh. I forgot about that :(
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Re: [MOD] Legios

Postby Eich » Mon Jul 05, 2010 7:47 am

123stw wrote:Also, consider lowering the weight of the ADs. Since that's the one thing a normal ship with benefit from and not a AD/monkey ship.

Another thing I notice. The combination of the Epitaphius Fighter and engine MK1 seem extremely powerful. I think the problem is in the MK1's weight, so having a bunch lead to really high speed.

1 fighter laser cannon + 2 MK1 = $86/5.71 speed
1 fighter torpedo + 5 MK1 = $127/3.21 speed
2 fighter rocket launcher + 1 legio target painter + 3 MK1 = $162/3.85 speed

Thanks I will look into that too. Why do the bug reports come in when I have no time for modding? ^^ Well maybe I will release a small update in the near future. But more likely is end of july....
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