This game's not totally dead yet.

Discussion of the space travel management game - Starship Tycoon
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This game's not totally dead yet.

Postby Tek0516 » Tue Aug 28, 2012 7:23 pm

I'd bought a CD for 2.26 of this game several years ago, (Though unless Take-Two had distribution it seems it's probably an illegal copy, especially since I'm now also seeing 2 demos for other tycoons on the disk) but I never really played it until the other day.

For an older game I am really enjoying it. I'm getting the occassional crash and the empty freeform shipyard bug of v2.26, but other than that the game is really enjoyable. I've also been lead to some of your other games now and are planning to buy.

Overall, great job with the game. I really hope you do make a sequel for this some day.

I'm curious if my copy is updateable though. While it was installed through a CD, the game is on my hard drive and can be run without the disk. I'd love to have my bugs fixed.

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