Why care about the Vice President?

Forum for non-game specific political debate of the issues raised in general by the game. Economics, transport policy, the environment, gun crime etc etc. be nice!
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Re: Why care about the Vice President?

Postby James009 » Sat Jun 27, 2009 7:04 am

Don't know why I decided to view this particular thread again but found Pigsnoutman's comments to be interesting.

As to if the electoral college damages democracy? Maybe. The fact is that the United States is NOT based on a Democracy, it's based on a Republic. The United States isn't a small nation like those in Europe, we have many more states and territories, and a much higher population. The only way to have a "fair" democratic system is through the electoral college. It guarantees, through the mandatory votes, that each state (and their populations) have a say in national politics. The alternative would be states with smaller populations having minuscule votes that would matter for less then their small electoral votes do. In point, the electoral system is a sort of "game balancer" with the national interest in mind.

As for the Senate, the same sort of thing applies here. The Senate represents national interest where as the Congress represents the more local interest. This is because the Congressmen have local districts that they are responsible whereas a Senator is responsible to basically the state. The Senate is supposed to look at the big picture and national interests and the Congress is supposed to represent their locality.

The American founders didn't want a simple "majority rules system".
"I study politics and war so that my children man have liberty to study math and philosophy" -John Adams
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Re: Why care about the Vice President?

Postby mechasaprophyte » Sat Jun 27, 2009 7:54 pm

Still, is there something special about, say, Vermont and Delaware, that requires that their interests need to be protected out of proportion with their population, but not, for example, upstate New York?
I mean, I definitely agree with the principle; we want to avoid the tyranny of the majority and all that, but unless the minorities are identified along demographically significant lines, then we're just randomly privileging certain groups for arbitrary historico-geographic reasons, which is probably going to cause more harm than good.

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