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A recent (censored) blog comment: is your anti-3D rant cos you’re shit at it and can’t code it very well? most of the time coders who knock 3D struggle with the maths, if that’s you just be honest and say so. –> Actually I was top in my entire school for maths, took my maths […]

According to World Of Goo makers 2DBoy: And yet, despite this, I’ve been reading comments on the web where people are hurling abuse at them. These are likely from people who pirated the game anyway. So these guys worked hard over 2 years (AFAIK) to make one of the best original indie games of […]

Response to pirates

August 13, 2008 | Filed under: business

Ok, I did a lot of thinking about it, and rather than post it as a blog post, with all the inevitable crashing and website burning that would involve, I’ve posted my response HERE. Feel free to comment here though…

Having read the Rock paper Shotgun coverage of this (different prices for games on PC vs Console) and the recent complaining about the price of braid, best characterised here…  added to the torrent of blog comments I get from people annoyed at my attitude to piracy, I thought it was about time to do this: […]

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