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Update on shadowhand! potions!

February 23, 2017 | Filed under: shadowhand

Shadowhand continues to make awesome progress. We are close to releasing the games steam page for ‘coming soon’ and wishlist adds, which is a bit of a milestone. The trailer is nearly done and the launch is in sight. If you haven’t heard me talk about it before, shadowhand is a game developed by Grey Alien Games and published by me! Its an interesting card-game/rpg/story based game that has no real direct comparison. Its very polished and very addictive. Here is Jake talking about the latest developments in the game:

Its hard to know how best to describe the game, I would say ‘darkest dungeon meets solitaire with steroids on’.¬† I like it (and think its a good bet to publish) precisely because its no hard to describe, and thus is likely an experienced most gamers have not had. Its going to be really interesting to see what people think of it.

Both me and Jake will be at GDC next week. if you are a youtuber or twitch streamer and want a demo, just leave a comment or email me at cliff AT positech dot co dot uk. Also obviously we are always keen to talk to bloggers and journalists about Shadowhand and Production Line. Plus we are British, so you can offload all your political angst on us while we nod sagely and understand :D.

Hopefully new Production Line patch tonight or tomorrow morning…

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Wow its been a BUSY week, like crazy busy. I released build 1.07 for Production Line, and started on 1.08. The price went up to $11 today, and I also started laying out a list of coming soon stuff in the forums here. There has been a steady (and accelerating) growth in daily pre-orders for the game. 4,000 sales seems ages ago now, and I’m struggling to keep up with all the feedback. Anyway…here is the new blog video.

I shouldn’t really be surprised, but the pace with which people have got around to building REALLY BIG factories is kinda amazing. This meant I needed to do some optimisation for those cases, often totally revising my idea of how big I should make certain fixed size buffers. (640k is enough for everybody!). I know some programmers might say ‘but dude…variable sized data structures. Yup, know all about them, but they can be SLOW. Try comparing the performance of a list or vector and an array one day… its HUGE. What I tend to do is have fixed arrays of oft-used objects, and allocate extra arrays if I start to run out, meaning rare one-off frame skips, but silky smooth performance most of the time.

My day is just now a blur of checking email;, then twitter, then facebook messages, then reddit posts, then forum posts, then forum messages, and then going through my bug list and my features todo list until its time to sleep or blow off steam in Battlefield One. However…just in case you thought that made me sound lazy, don’t forget we are also publishing another game (Shadowhand) which is coming soon. Here is Jakes latest video about the game:

Before long it will be GDC, and before that I’ve agreed to speak at TWO(!!!) events, which means…holy crap. I should stop typing and get on with it.. I will leave you with the exciting changelist for Production Line build 1.07:

[version alpha  1.07]
1) Major performance optimization for large factories.
2) Much faster vehicle rendering when zoomed out.
3) Fixed bug where very high car output resulted in no market price for a car being low enough.
4) Fixed the 'No room to TrashLowPriorityResource from stockpile' bug.
5) Fixed the 'Route Pending!' bug.
6) Possible fix for corrupt efficiency graph.
7) Fixed bug where manufacturing slots showed as not connected to a stockpile until the first resources arrived.
8) Added game-clock to top right menu.
9) Quitting the new car design dialog now gives a unique default name and price to the design.
10) Fixed bug where the warning notices on cars would persist until they encountered an empty conveyor belt.
11) Fixed bug where right clicking on research screen could delete items in the factory.
12) When a car is unable to move to the next (connected) slot, the message now tells the player which requirement is not met.
13) Background sound FX in R&D screen reduced in volume.
14) Fixed bug where some conveyor belt placements resulted in multiple placement sounds on top of each other.
15) Fixes to the layout of some R&D and slot menu items.
16) The warning and error notices in the factory now shrink to icons when zoomed right out.
17) As a temporary quick balance measure, only 4 valves are needed for engines now!
18) Fixed bug where supply stockpiles would not always fill correctly.


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Jake Birkett, one of the developers behind Shadowhand is going to be at GDC this year, shortly before the final (yay!) release of the game. If you haven’t already heard about it, check out the website or read the announcement on Jakes blog:

Its a very interesting game, because its a sort of RPG/Card game/Visual Novel mashup with cool characters and a very interesting combat mechanic. I think it will appeal to casual card game players and Darkest-Dungeon lovers alike.

I’ll also be there, wearing a REALLY BRIGHT jacket, and pretending to be networking.

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Another shadowhand update!

January 14, 2017 | Filed under: shadowhand

Another video from Jake talking about the enemies abilities to use consumables in Duel sections of ShadowHand. I’m really looking forward to playing the finished version of this. Its getting closer to release!

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